3 Smart Tips for Winter Roof Maintenance

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December 27, 2019
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December 27, 2019

Taking care of your roof by being proactive with maintenance should be a priority for any homeowner. Roof issues tend to get worse the longer they go unnoticed, which means it’s always a good idea to take your roof maintenance activities seriously. Even if you don’t have heavy snowfall in your region, there are still quite a few winter roof maintenance tips to keep in mind. That way, you know that your roof will protect your home and your family from the elements during those cold winter months and come out unscathed when the springtime rolls around. We’ve created a list below of 3 smart tips for winter roof maintenance so that you can make sure your roof is in good shape in the winter and beyond. If you are interested in hiring a professional for a winter roof inspection, you can always reach out to Oak Hills Roofing.

1. Get Your Trees Trimmed

one of the big risks that homeowners face with their roofs has to do with trees that are hanging over their roofs. When these branches get too close to your roof or fall on your roof, it can puncture your roofing system and lead to serious issues. That’s why a great winter roof maintenance tip is to get your trees trimmed. By removing the dead branches that are surrounding your home, you can avoid dealing with any serious issues caused by falling debris. It’s a simple tip that can really help out during the winter months.

2. Clean Your Gutter Regularly

The idea of heading outdoors on a cold winter day to clean your gutters might not seem like a lot of fun, but it is absolutely worth it. That’s because, during the fall, lots of debris accumulate in your gutters and can cause excessive weight to damage your roof. Also, those moist leaves and debris can freeze overnight and cause even more damage to your roofing system. One of the smartest tips for winter roof maintenance is to clean out your gutters so that they can function the way that they are supposed to.

3. Invest in Roof Inspections

There are plenty of homeowners out there that love to handle projects on their own. However, a roof inspection from a professional roofing contractor is worth its weight in gold. It can be difficult for a homeowner to recognize serious issues on their own, which is why having a professional take a look is so valuable. You can also avoid having to climb up on your roof by yourself, which is a very dangerous endeavor when the temperatures start to drop. Reach out to Oak Hills Roofing if you are interested in hiring a professional to handle your winter roof inspection.

Staying proactive with your roof maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Make sure you keep the winter roof maintenance tips above in mind this year and contact Oak Hills Roofing if you have any other questions about winter roof care.