Benefits of Clay Tile Roofing

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December 31, 2018
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Clay tile is a classic roofing material dating back thousands of years. Today’s modern clay tiles are both durable and attractive. It’s no wonder this roofing material is so popular for both residential and commercial buildings alike. A clay tile roof is not only timeless, but it can also last for a lifetime and beyond as well. If properly installed, a clay tile roof can last for over 100 years. If you’re looking for a beautiful roof that is also long-lasting, you can’t get much more value for your money than a clay tile roof.

Benefits of Clay Tile Roofs

There are many benefits that come with choosing a clay tile roof, however, one of the features that makes this material so popular among homeowner is that fact that it’s so incredibly durable. What other roofing material can boast a 100-year lifespan? Replacing the roof on your home or commercial building is a huge expense, one that you probably don’t want to repeat for as long as possible. When you choose clay tile, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that it’ the last roof you ever have to buy. If you decide to sell your home down the line, this can be a huge selling point and help increase the value of your property.

Clay tiles are a natural material and come in a variety of colors. Terracotta is the most popular, but there is a multitude of shades that you have to choose from. Unlike roofing shingles that are made from synthetic materials, clay tiles are natural and their colors will become richer over time. What’s more, clay tiles are available in many different sizes and shapes. Homeowners love that they have so many options to choose from when it comes to clay tiles. If you want the flexibility to give your roof a truly unique look, then clay tiles are perfect for you.

Another major advantage of clay tile is their natural resistance to mold or rot. Unlike wood shingles and other materials, clay tiles are not affected by the weather. Other materials will shrink and expand as the season change, but clay tiles will stand strong against any temperature. What’s more, clay tiles have natural reflective properties which can help keep your home cool during warm summer months here in Southern California.

For all their advantages there are a few things you need to be cautious of if you are going to have a clay tile roof installed in your home. First, it’s important to know that clay tiles are fairly heavy compared to some other roofing materials. That’s not going to be an issue for most home, however, your roofing contractor will have to inspect the integrity of the structures below your roof to determine whether or not additional support beams will be necessary to hold your clay tile roof. Second, clay tile roofing can be more expensive compared to other roofs as well. However, when to take into consideration how long clay tiles last, they more than make up for their original price.

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